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Clinical Trials Undertaken By ECF Teams

The ECF has undertaken various research projects including both Paediatric and Adult studies which has equipped the team with substantial knowledge of the requirements of clinical trials and TB awareness and knowledge.

A significant portion dealt with various aspects of Tuberculosis, ranging from Prophylaxis, treatment and managing complications of tuberculosis with HIV. There has also been a number of studies involving clinical management of HIV/AIDS and the various treatments modalities available.

A brief overview of the studies are outlined below:

Treatment Naïve
Treatment Naïve refers to people who have never taken HIV medications. These studies are aimed at determining which treatments or drugs work best as an initial regimen.

Treatment Experienced
Treatment Experienced refers to people who are currently on medications or have taken medications in the past for HIV. Each study has a unique approach to address the following:

Which are the best medications to treat with?
When is the best time to change medications?
How do we know when to change medications?

Immunity Enhancers
HIV harms the immune system. These studies look at innovative ways to help your immune system work better while continuing to treat you with HIV medications.

Women with HIV have unique gynaecology, maternity, and metabolic issues. These studies are dedicated to fostering the health of women.

Opportunistic Infections
When people with HIV have an additional infection like cytomegalovirus or tuberculosis, there are important treatment questions and side effects to look for. These studies are looking at that unique situation.

People with HIV may also be infected with Hepatitis. These trials study the treatment of individuals with Hepatitis or individuals with Hepatitis and HIV.

Neurologic Complications
HIV infection may cause nervous system problems such as numbness and cognitive problems. These studies look at treatments for the problems.

Side Effects
We know that many drugs used to successfully treat HIV have side effects. The following studies look at ways to treat the most common of these side effects.

People with HIV may also be infected with Tuberculosis. These trials study the diagnosis and treatment of individuals with Tuberculosis.

Studies in this section are those in which no attempt is made to affect the outcome of HIV treatment, for example, no treatment is prescribed or provided by the study. People who enter these studies may be asked to provide blood or other biological specimens. They may be asked to complete clinical evaluations and questionnaires. The information from these studies might prove useful in evaluating current or future treatment for people living with HIV.

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